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Some of you have asked me to put out some TerribleTim merch so why the heck not? 
The TerribleTim fans have also asked for more recording studio quality products so obtaining your TerribleTim poster could be helpful towards that end.
I sort of prefer being a one man operation churning out TerribleTim culture with I-movie on the tube for free but manufacturing higher quality productions in a studio environment is also kool and groovy too.

Buy a Terrible Tim poster!
$19.99 shipping and handling included.
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˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅

The poster comes off of the photo shoot for the cd cover from back in the beginning days of TerribleTim culture. Me, BrothermanBill and Harry planted a seed back in the mid nineties with this TerribleTim CD. The seed has now grown into a jacked up bean stalk
By the way, you guys can also help the cause by obtaining the songs from the cdbaby. The streams only bring in a penny for every two clicks for crying out loud.


 And much thanks to Harry McNamara for his highly skillful engineering of the cd and his drums and bass work that went into it.  Me and Harry made the cd in his backyard shed. It was a tiny space where Harry maximized the full extent of his skills using a four track recording device. Me and Harry had a brief association but we accomplished a lot in a very short time frame. Last I heard, Harry moved to Pennsylvania with his family. Hope all is well with the brother. Should also mention Guy Stevens who also kicked in a few base lines.  And thanks to techlab2020 for web hosting.

Much love to all a'yall for supporting TerribleTim culture over the years. Especially those of you who are the true radical hardcore fundamentalist followers with extremist viewpoints who are subscribed to the TerribleTim youtube page and have given all of TerribleTim's work mad monster love throughout the years.KKONA KKONA And by the way, you can watch TerribleTim's public access TV shows at 153news/terribletimworldorder  And terribletimnation on twitch




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"Spreads Love"

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TerribleTim BrothermanBill - F**K yeah!!!
4 million views and growing!
Much love to from the TerribleTim nation!!!.
No other TerribleTim song has garnered this much attention.
That is the love of the Brotherman.
  Please consider that there are in fact other songs on the TerribleTim YouTube page with more new tunes added sporadically.
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TerribleTim World Order pizza party

Homeless Bob



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